Let's save energy in our daily life!

Darkoogle's main goal is to remind people of the necessity to contribute to an enormous task of saving our Planet by reducing energy consumption.

Experiments with computer monitors conducted in the recent past were showing consistent energy savings with systems using darker interface colors. In January of 2007 a blog post titled "Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year" suggested that if Google were to change its background color it would save a fair bit of energy. This idea spread across the internet resulting in creation of many web sites using energy saving color patterns combined with Google's custom search engines.

It was and still is a great idea. However, today's technology makes this approach less relevant. With LCD monitors becoming cheaper each year, page color has less and less impact on actual energy usage. That is why Darkoogle.Com took it to a new level.

Our web technology (that relies on AJAX) eliminates the need to reload the whole page when you submit search requests. It reduces bandwidth, server load, and creates a chain of more efficient computing connecting all the way through - starting with your home or work computer and ending in the datacenter of the hosting company. Even if the energy savings are small, they all add up.

A greener world starts with greener web. Greener web starts with Darkoogle.com

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